As you well know, this week’s theme is style. And while I could bore you with my take on today’s style (I like leggings, boots, and baggy sweaters: hard to make an entire post out of that), I thought I would talk about the time that we all had impeccable style: the late 90’s. Allow me to cover this topic by walking you through your typical day as it occurred in the epic 90’s. Huzzah!

90’s Style is the Best Style Because This Was Your Typical Day.

You woke up to your alarm clock blaring Backstreet Boys or Nsync.

You checked your GiGaPet to make sure your digital pet hadn’t died overnight.

You brushed your teeth and pulled your hair into a tight pony tail at the top of your head. You then gelled your hair to ensure you would have zero stray hairs.

You put on your cargo pants…

and spaghetti strap tank top, which showed off your mid-drift.

You put on your Teen Spirit deodorant.

You put on your tattoo choker necklace…

Threw your Lisa Frank trapper keeper…

your favorite beanie baby…

Now That’s What I Call Music 1 CD…

and brand new CD WalkMan into your backpack.

You grabbed your oversized Vans skater sneakers to finish off your perfectly grunge look.

You had to look your best because the boy you liked had the frosted tips – he was so cool.

You made your way to school on only the coolest form of transportation: a Razor Scooter.

All day at school, you passed the original form of text messages.

And dreamed that you might one day be Harvey’s girlfriend.

Unless of course it was either Oregon Trail day…

movie day…

science day (BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!)..

or game day when you got to play Heads Up 7 Up, in which case, your day was AWESOME.

Finally, when you got home, you poured yourself some Squirt…

while you waited for the dial-up internet to connect and hoped no one would need to use the phone in the next hour…

because you needed to perfect your AOL profile.

Before you went to bed, you made sure to watch this guy’s original show: Kenen & Kel.

Or maybe an episode of Full House (and you didn’t think twice about Bob Saget playing a wholesome father figure).

Ah those were the days…NOT!

I hope you all have a wonderfully stylish weekend!
…Though hopefully it doesn’t include any of the clothing mentioned above.

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3 responses to "A Time When We All Had Style: The 90’s"

  1. Kelly Kelly says:

    All the boys I liked sported the “duck bill” hair look. It was beautiful. I was also really proud of my skater vans that changed color in the sun and made me look like my feet were twelve times too big for my body. It was not at all embarrassing…

    • Elly Elly says:

      haha! YES! I remember literally buying size 11 shoes in like 6th grade and being unable to run because I would frequently step out of my shoes. Because, of course you couldn’t tie them. I feel like the overall theme of the 90s was something along the lines of “know your size: buy 7 sizes up from that. Now try to and look like you haven’t showered in a month.”

  2. Lidija Lidija says:

    <33 omg and my so called life!!! ahh 90s, I'm eternally nostalgic for that time. Not quite crazy 80s, not quite alien 2000s. <333

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