You know that saying about finishing each day and being done with it? Beginning anew, unencumbered by your old nonsense? (I butchered that quote – read the real thing here) Well, I feel that way, but times like 100 every New Year. I love the idea of starting fresh, cracking open that new daily planner, and starting the new year with a clean slate.  Here are some things I like to do to start the year off fresh – what about you?

Clean | You’ve just packed away the holiday decorations, and for a brief moment in time, your apartment looks less cluttered by comparison. Help keep it that way! Go through all your knick-knacks, your old sweaters, your junk drawer even: sorting, organizing, and cleaning as you go. It’s amazing how satisfying this can be. Plus, you start off the year with a large donation to Good Will and add some more good karma points to the queue.

Sort through contacts | I am notorious for going overboard with this, but a healthy dose of contact “editing” can be a good thing. You know those names in your phone like, “that one girl from the copy shop” or “blue sweater guy.” Chances are, they can go… Or your study buddy freshman year of college who you haven’t spoken to on Facebook for three years and will probably never see again? Probably her too…  If you haven’t talked to these people in 2012, and it doesn’t look like your paths are going to cross in 2013, seriously consider sorting them out of your phone, your Facebook friend list, or you email contacts. Seriously, people don’t think you’re cooler just because you have 988 Facebook friends. Let’s be real.

Make a list | …And not of resolutions, those things are notoriously hard to live up to. More like a list of things you want to do in the next twelve months: i.e. see your favorite band in concert, take a weekend trip, learn how to cook a new dish…simple things that will be fun to do and give you something to look forward to.

Relax | January is known for being a slow month – in the wake of a busy December, there are not a lot of holidays, not a lot of movie releases, not a lot of days in the black if you’re in sales, just not a lot going on in general. So enjoy it! Stay in on Saturday mornings, snuggle down to watch the rain fall, make soups, and store up that energy! It’s going to be a busy spring, so why not relax a little beforehand?

Happy New Year!

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