It really doesn’t matter who or how or even when. It’s not good to get caught up in, “Oh, who do I invite, I don’t know if they’ll mesh well,” and “Are they still together? Will it be awkward?” Okay, forget any possible awkward moments! They are going to happen and we might as well get together and meet them head on.  Anyone ever watch a Kiera Knightley film, like, ever? Pick any of them. She’s always thrown into a mix of rich and insane individuals. Ladies with secrets inside their tall hair and adulterous men! So, I’m sure your friends and your ‘friends of friends’ can’t be that bad. Just like chex mix, the token party snack, the people you invite should be a hodge podge of intellectual, crazy smart, and neurotic personalities. Otherwise, it will be a complete bore!!

The elements of a fantastic get together are as follows:

  • People
  • A warm vibe
  • Refreshments and edibles
  • Music

How does one create a warm vibe? Make the goodies easily accessible. Check out my New Years smorgasbord! Greet as many people as you can face to face when they walk in. If this isn’t a frat party held in a basement and you’re not busy playing DJ, you should make sure people’s belongings are tucked away nicely. And sacrifice your floors for an evening. Some folks are strange about feet and prefer to keep their shoes on…beats me.

For my New Years party, I created special desserts for my lovely guests. Get creative and try something crazy, but be sure to allot enough time so you’re not throwin’ everything together last minute. Here are the two cakes I replicated and their recipes (both seen above:

A) Chocolate cake

B) Orange Cheesecake from Martha, Martha, Martha :)

My rendition…Music. Play  more than just yourfaves. Lord, if I played what I liked we’d all be holding hands sitting Indian-style on a rug humming to “Sail Away.”  Keep it upbeat and groovy. Don’t be afraid of variety. Throw in the funk, jazz, rock, the current junk (sorry, but everyone is listening to because they have no choice), AND a slew of 80s and 90s favorites. Don’t you just love Pandora!?And that’s about it!Ta-ta lovely ladies! Party Hard!Featured Photo and DIY for the amazing wall here, All Food Photos via Beginners, Party Photo here
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