It is cold season and it’s rearing its ugly head nice and high right now. Everyone is sick with some sort of ailment. And, as I type this, I feel that I’m the next victim. My throat is just a tiny bit scratchy and my nose is just a teensy bit clogged. And being sick is very different than it used to be.

When I was a kid, I kind of looked forward to getting sick – not crazy ill, but just sick enough that I could enjoy not having to go to school. You got to skip school, watch Boy Meets World all day, and eat crackers while ignoring all dishes because your mom is awesome and would do them for you. Today, as an adult, my experience is very different.

1. Being sick means I stay home from work. While I am lucky enough to have sick days, this is not the case for (likely) the majority of us. If you’re sick enough to stay home, you’re not getting any money. And that means you’re stressed about money on top of leaking out of every hole north (hopefully not south) of your waste.

2. If I’m not sick enough to stay home (or unwilling to take a day off), that means I’m sick at work. You know that annoying shit you hate about your job? Those tiny things that kind of bug you on regular days? I promise you, if you attend work while ill, you will do nothing but deal with those things all day. This is how the world works.

3. My mom will not take care of me because I don’t live with her anymore. Again, this may not apply to everyone at this point in life, but when I’m sick, that doesn’t mean the chores cease to exist (like it usually did when I lived with my parents). My mom isn’t going to do my dishes or walk the dog for me when I’m sick now and those responsibilities don’t just disappear into thin air when I get the winter plague.

4. Instead of living with my mom, I live with my boyfriend, who will likely follow suit and get sick right along with me. If I was a lesbian, this wouldn’t be an issue, because women aren’t giant babies when they sick (it’s an ugly, but deeply accurate truth). You know who are though? Men. So when I’m sick and my boyfriend is sick, guess what? That means I get to take care of a man-child while trying to keep up with those chores and managing to stay healthy enough to go to work the next day. And yes, he will complain about how shitty he feels every chance he gets (literally every minute you’re within earshot).

5. Number 4 is annoying enough to make the list twice. Read it again. Feel my pain.

6. I will be sick so much longer than anticipated. When I was a kid, I would stay home for like a day and be right as rain the next day. Not the case as an adult. Today, I am lucky if I’m over my cold in a week; they typically last at least two weeks. Maybe it’s that no one is forcing cold medicine down my throat every 3 hours or maybe it’s because I refuse to let a cold get in the way of my coffee addiction, but either way, if I’m sick, I’ll be sick for a while.

So, ladies, now that you’re adults right along with me, how do you feel about being sick? Do you welcome it as I used to do?

Thanks to Amanda for this post’s inspiration!

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3 responses to "Adulthood + Sickness = DO NOT WANT"

  1. Caitlyn says:

    I am cracking up at this post right now, especially numbers 4 and 5. Being stuck at home with the flu for the past week I can relate. I hope you managed to dodge the worst of it!

    • Elly Elly says:

      haha! 4 and 5 are definitely the worst part! lol. I actually only had the sniffles, so I was able to navigate away (knock on wood) from what I hear is the worst flu in like 20 years. I hope you’re feeling better now!

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    Worst part is the catch-22: you can’t take off time when sick because you can’t afford it because you have a service job (no sick days and low pay). When you come in sick, people bitch because how dare you come in sick when you are putting others at risk at your service job.

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