We’ve done it! We’ve survived 2012 to see another year! And you know what? 2012 was a pretty great one. Even with all the shit that went down this year, there is still a lot for which we should all be thankful and proud. Even through tragedy, we huddled our masses and stuck with one another to pull through. So I thought, as we begin this new year, I’d put together a nice little list of things that were fucking awesome about 2012 and things we should look forward to in 2013. (It should be noted that these are in no particular order.)

12 Great Things That Happened in 2012

1. We survived the Mayan apocalypse.

2. It was a great year to be gay. Barack Obama became the first sitting president to publicly support gay marriage. Gay marriage was legalized in more states and made huge headway in traditionally homophobic communities; it was welcomed into and vocally supported in the hip-hop community and major league sports arenas across the world.

3. We were introduced to Grumpy Cat and irritated the crap out of her (yep. She’s a girl.) by loving her despite her angry disposition.

4. Corgnelius the Corgi came into our lives.

5. We found a community that understood the strife caused by our dogs’ shameful behavior.

6. We met Bubba the kitty and we fell in love.

7. The Justin Bieber plot failed and he lived to sing another song. Like him or not, you’ve sung along to one of his songs and you’re glad he’s still with us.

8. Our beloved Twilight series came to an end and its sex-crazed alter-ego, the Fifty Shades series, took over our lives for a brief moment. Don’t act like you weren’t into it, you kinky slut.

9. The presidential and vice presidential debates happened this year. No matter what side you were on, the debates were hysterical.

10. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield became our new favorite couple.

11. James Van Der Beek came back and was fucking awesome. Seriously you guys, I may be in love with him.

12. This happened. Gay pride deserves a second mention.

13 Great Things That Should Happen in 2013

1. People will stop confessing their undying love for one another on Facebook or any other social media outlet. We get it: you love each other. Tell each other, but please stop telling us because we now hate you; you’re the reason we all want a “dislike” button.

2. Chris Brown will go away. And, you know what, for that matter…Rihanna will also go away. For reasoning, please see her involvement with Chris Brown. Gross.

3. Black Eyed Peas. We’ve run them out of town like 908234623974 times now. They need to take the hint: GTFO.

4. We’ll all get to attend a gay wedding. That shit will put straight weddings to shame. Get ready.

5. Our iMaps will work with the efficiency of a Google map. A girl can dream.

6. We won’t have to endure cut-off jean shorts this summer.

7. Everyone will succeed at a DIY project. We deserve it. Why? See the 2012 list: we’re awesome.

8. We’ll get to watch Arrested Development again. FUCK. YES.

9. Boy Meets World will be in our lives once more. My 12 year old self can’t wait to tell her gay boyfriend.

10. Instagram won’t sell our photos for their own profit.

11. Animals will continue to photobomb the shit out of us and each other.

12. Our beanie babies will finally be worth thousands of dollars they promised to be worth.

13. You will be so damn happy that you’ll want to do that first thing on the list and confess your undying love for someone on Facebook or Twitter or MySpace (why the fuck are you still using MySpace?), but you’ll resist the urge; you’ll be superior.

So that’s my list. What wonderful things happened for you in 2012? What are most looking forward to about 2013?

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